Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hello.  My name is Teresa Robertson.  I LOVE to coupon!  It's the biggest thrill to go to the store & save 70% and more!  Couponing can become VERY addictive!  I started couponing about 3 years ago.  I had a friend who went to a Dave Ramsey course & she decided to save money by couponing.  I thought that was an interesting idea so I started learning as much as I could about coupons & saving money!  I was amazed after a few times at the store how much money I could save.  It wasn't to long until  I was hooked!!  If you would like to learn how to save money follow me here on my blog!  Also you can attend a coupon workshop to learn tips to save money (even without coupons!)   If you're interested contact me at facebook.com/coupon101 

Talk to you soon!
Teresa Robertson

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