Friday, July 8, 2011

Want to exchange coupons through a coupon train???

Want to exchange coupons through a coupon train?  What's a coupon train?  Here's all the information.

 What is a Coupon Train?
A coupon train is an envelope filled with non-expired coupons that is sent between a group of around 10 people. When you receive the envelope of coupons take the coupons you will use and replace those with coupons for the next people down the list. Also pull out any expired coupon.  You then mail it to the next address on the list.  Include your address to the bottom of this list and wait for the next envelope.  I need to have two of these going at the same time so you get a good assortment of coupons going. 

If you're interested please go to my facebook page (if you don't have facebook text me) and tell me you're interested in the coupon train.  I need you to make sure you will get the envelope gone through and sent out quickly so everyone has a chance to get some coupons they can use.  If you get on the list and don't keep the train moving you will be taken off the train "route".  I will only have room for 10 people to start with.  Also let me know if you've done this before & any ideas to make it run more smoothly.  We'll start this small and see how it goes.  We may build up more trains if it works well. 


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