Friday, April 1, 2011

A tip to save money with your swiffer wet jet

There's a site I go to from time to time (Couponing to Disney) & it has some great money saving tips.  Here is one of them...

So I googled my question “how do you get the swiffer wet jet bottle open?” and what do ya know I found a youtube video that showed me just how to do it.
You simply take a pot and fill it with 2-3 inches of water then bring water to a boil on stove, once water is to a boil stick the lid of the refill bottle down into the pot for about 10 seconds then with a towel twist the lid off, if it does not twist off you may need to hold it longer in the water once you have the lid off you can pour about a cap full of your favorite all purpose cleaning solution in the bottom of the refill bottle then fill the rest of the way with tap water, replace the lid and place back in to your wet jet.
The hubby and I tried this today and it DOES work, I was amazed. I tried it on my own without success before asking for my husbands help he said I didn’t have enough water in the pot apparently you want enough water to completely cover the white cap and a little bit of the actual bottle, also I wasn’t strong enough to untwist the cap myself I had to have his help, he also stated that when I was doing it on my own I was touching the lid/white cap to the bottom of the pot and he said that could melt it, so you would want to be careful with that.
Since this is my first time trying this I’m not sure how much money this would actually save but I would imagine it would be quite a bit over the course of a year.  I have a really small kitchen so a refill bottle would last me about a month. At my local Wal-Mart the refills cost about $8 that would be a total of $96/yr if I continued to buy the refill.
I just looked at my bottle of all purpose cleaner and it has 40 fluid ounces in it that equals 80 tablespoons so I could refill my wet jet bottle 80 times(or 6 years) with just the one bottle of all purpose cleaner that probably was free or no more than $2 on sale with coupons!
Here is a link to the You Tube video:

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