Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Using Walgreens RR coupons at the Military Commissary

Here's some information for those of you that go to the Commissary on the Military bases.  I was sent this email from a trusted friend up close to Ft. Leonard Wood.  Cool!!! 


Yesterday, I went into the Commissary and spoke with the manager.  I brought a print out of the DECA (governing agency for the commissary) print out from Facebook talking about Commissaries taking Walgreens Register Rewards as Manufacturers coupons.  I also requested that DECA send my local commissary an email to let them know of the policy change.  They agreed.  I used the FIRST ever Walgreens RR coupons at the Ft Leonard Wood commissary.  Please pass this along to all of your military couponers!!!!

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